The RAFP  Laarbruch reunion site is mainly based around personnel serving at Laarbruch between the years of 1970 and 1979. However we do offer our support to anyone who served before or after these dates.

Here is a resume of the reunion by Neil Gardiner..

The first reunion of the RAF Police of the 70ís was actually in Frankie and Benny's in Sheffield in December 2002 attended by four members of D shift Steve Silver, Graham Fawley , Trevor Stevens and John Phillips accompanied by their respective partners, Sue, ?, Sue and Liz.
Whilst this reunion actually took place, B shift guys, Jim Clark, Tony Chapman, Bob Flude, Bunny Duberry, Neil Gardiner, John Strange and John Turpin and dog handler Stu Topley were all in touch but spread across the UK and Europe and hadnít yet managed to get together. Through the RAF Police Association, a few othersí locations were known and in January 2003 Steve phoned me to ask if I minded if he organised a reunion for all shifts.

I offered my assistance and encouraged Steve to continue.

After a few months of relentless searching the internet and calling a few people as well as writing several letters, Steve, with really only support from Sue, got over 130 ex Laarbruch RAF Police together for a sandbag and lamp swinging event in the Marriott hotel near Rotherham.

Many old friendships were re kindled and from that night Steve went on to organise the annual reunion.

Most of those attending this do had served as RAF Policemen at Laarbruch between 1971 and 1977, so whilst a lot knew each other, there were new friends made and Graham Fawley took so many photos that night for everyone to take home as a reminder of an event they would never forget.

In 2004 assisted by Kev Betts and Tony Chapman, Steve had the reunion in Germany where 80 plus folks visited Dusseldorf/Niederrhein/Weeze airport, better known to us all as RAF Laarbruch for a visit to the old SSA and a typical evening party in the old Sgtís Mess.

The following day Kev Betts provided us all with a superb Barbeque at lunchtime in Weeze.

In 2005 we went back to the Rotherham hotel where although a few less than in 2003 another good reunion was held and several new faces who had not made the first reunion turned up.

In 2006 interest waned a little and only a few attended the Rotherham event again.

In 2007 it was back to Germany where Kev and Tony had made arrangements with the local Burgermeister to take part in the parade.

In 2008 Steve yet again got a few members back to Rotherham, but support was dropping off and only about 5 or 6 people had attended who were new.

In 2009 the flights and boats took a few guys back to the Weeze Fest for a weekend of parades, fun etc .

In 2010 Steve tried to get more people involved again and over 70 said they would turn up in Rotherham again. Sadly the numbers dwindled and only 50 people turned up on Oct 2 to say a final goodbye to Steve as he had passed away only 5 days before the reunion.

At the reunion Graham Cassell spoke highly of Steve and we all drank a toast to his life and his efforts for us all.

Several of us sat around to discuss the future of the Laarbruch reunion and whether or not it would continue.

The general feeling was that it should continue and Graham Cassell asked a few of us, Trev Stevens (TC), Tony Chapman, Roy Dodd, Mel Jones, Russ Jones and myself to consider forming a small interim committee to see if the interest from members was still there and whether we should continue to hold the reunion.

One week later, Trev Stevens has set up this website for us all to use.

I have offered to maintain the database of members and link with Tony and Kev out in Germany.

We now need your views.
Trev, Tony and myself will shortly be sending out a questionnaire either via email or actually live on the website asking several questions. Please answer them honestly and with thought.
A few of us want the reunion to continue, not least because Steve did so much to bring us together it would be a real shame if it all meant nothing.

I know that a few ex Laarbruchians are members of RAFPA but not all and whilst I would encourage you to join RAFPA, I would at this time like you all to respond to our questionnaire to see how we go forward.


Dedicated to and in memory of Steve Silver...


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